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Preservation Microfilming

Your project will be handled by an experienced staff dedicated to creating outstanding microfilm. We use cameras, of every possible configuration, to provide you with an outstanding image on every shot. Generally, there will be around 1,000 pages on a reel of microfilm.
  • Your film will meet all applicable ANSI/AIIM standards.
  • If we discover that some sections are missing or were printed poorly we go through a triple notification process asking you to replace the missing or misprinted document before the filming is considered complete and sent for duplication.
  • Your project will normally be completed within 30 days of receipt; more quickly if necessary.
  • We will return your documents after filming if desired. Or, material will be destroyed after a 90 day holding period to ensure you are completely satisfied. All destroyed materials are recycled.
  • Our Image Guard Lab Brown Tones all silver microfilm to delay or prevent the onset of destructive redox in your silver microfilm.
Silver Duplication
Newspapers or historical organizations create silver master microfilm to preserve their history. We store those masters very carefully in our archival vault. In order to have a working copy of their microfilm organizations choose either a vesicular duplicate or silver duplicate of their film.

Master microfilms are always negative polarity. That means the white paper of the original document appears black and the black text appears white. Most people find this difficult to read. Therefore, they choose a positive polarity service copy (black letters on a white background).

All silver microfilm (negative or positive, master or duplicate) is subject to redox if handled without cotton gloves or because of storage in conditions warmer than 60 degrees or more greater than 50% humidity. Therefore, Heritage Brown Tones all duplicate silver films as well as the archival masters ensuring a long life.

We are the only commercial lab that does this to each and every roll of silver microfilm processed.
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